Our inherent people focus, and ensuring the communities we build have a worthwhile social capital return, has led us naturally to engage with local organisations that are relevant to residents within our development areas. 

At the Meve, our first charity home was built, and facilitated significant contributions from the community toward the Fremantle Medical Research Foundation.

The poignant meaning this brought to the people in the area and the Fremantle Hospital, spurred us on to build a second home at the Meve, which then supported the Cord Blood Bank Perth.

Continuing, what was now a tradition of matching our sponsorship efforts to the appropriate demographic of our communities, it was decided the Banksia Grove community would support Youth Focus - a not-for-profit organisation working to stop youth suicide – a segment of society, often forgotten.

Then in Aspiri, Piara Waters, the beautiful Scott Park, 101 Residential five bedroom charity home, which overlooks stunning parklands, also benefitted Youth Focus, selling for $740,000 in 2014.

In each development area we are committed to giving the people that live there ways to contribute, so they also play a part in building a strong and socially conscious community.